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Mugs intended to prevent scald injuries recalled for faulty lids

A scald injury is one that occurs due to exposure to hot liquid or steam. Data from the Department of Social and Health Services in Washington state shows that a liquid heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit can cause a serious burn in five seconds. At 155 degrees, it can only take one second to sustain a serious burn. It is a common practice to serve drinks with temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Researchers and advocates recommend serving hot drinks in travel mugs to prevent burns. Theoretically, the spill-resistant lids help prevent spills and scalds. However, a retailer of such a mug has recently issued a recall of hundreds of thousands of units due to a faulty lid that could allow the hot liquid to spill. 

Rambler travel mugs

The recall affects Rambler travel mugs sold by Yeti. According to Consumer Reports, the issue is with the Stronghold lid and its magnetic slide mechanism. There have been reports of the mechanism popping off. Thus far, the company has received no report of injury as a result of this defect, but there is the potential to cause scald injuries due to a spill. 

Recall specifics

The recall affects over 240,000 travel mugs available from Yeti since October 2020. Consumers who bought the 20-ounce mugs should check the bottom for the date code 34204010. If this date code is not present, the recall does not include the mug in question. 

Consumers who do have a recalled mug should stop using it immediately. The mugs originally sold for $35, and consumers can receive a full refund by filling out a refund form online or taking the defective unit back to a Yeti store location.