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MMLC Verdicts In The News

Randi McGinn

While obtaining a just result for clients who need and deserve compensation for their losses is our highest priority, we know that it is just as important to our clients that defendants agree to make safety changes so that no one else suffers the same loss.

That said, sometimes companies just don’t listen to anything but large judgments and jury verdicts. Our best asset in convincing companies to change their ways is the risk of a large verdict against them.

In that arena, MMLC has a proven track record, having obtained several of the largest jury verdicts for personal injury cases in New Mexico history. Below is information on some of those verdicts.

Hein v. Utility Trailer Manufacturing Inc. $18.9 millionAugust 23, 2019

Jury Sends A Message To Trailer Manufacturers About Side Underride

Sowards v. Biotronik $67.3 million September 9, 2014

Top 100 Verdicts Of 2014

McConnell v. Allsup’s $ 52 millionApril 9, 2008


Baker v. Alta Vista et. al. $ 9 million April 18, 2011


Webb v. Presbyterian $7.75 million April 27, 2017

Torres v. Albuquerque Police Department $ 6 million June 10, 2014



Jason Wachocki v. Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department $ 3.7 Million February 19, 2007

Sheriff’s Dept. Ruled Culpable in Accident

McDonald v. Zimmer – $2.027 million April 5, 2017