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Holding Reckless Drivers Accountable For Life-Changing Accidents

At the New Mexico law firm of McGinn, Montoya, Love & Curry. P.A. (MMLC), we know that roadways are inherently dangerous. In fact, they are so dangerous that drivers must pass physical and knowledge-based tests to be granted the privilege to hold a license and drivers must follow rigid rules of safety; dangerous drivers can face criminal charges if they fail to follow the safety rules. Designers of roadways also bear responsibility to design and maintain roadways as safely as possible.

When any of these individuals or companies fails in their duties, deadly results often follow. The attorneys of MMLC are experienced in all aspects of holding various parties accountable when they fail to put safety first. Our lawyers are available to handle the following types of cases, among others:

MMLC is a highly respected leader in personal injury and consumer protection cases. We believe that we have a responsibility to use the law for good, fighting to implement safety changes that will protect other individuals and families from suffering future harm.

Learn more about how we can relentlessly pursue full compensation and justice for you by scheduling a free consultation today. Call our Albuquerque office at 505-633-8796 or send us an email.

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Pfeifer V. United States, U.S. Federal District Court For The District Of New Mexico, CV 0201368

Bud and Alice Ramaekers were killed when their car was hit head on by a drunk, on-the-job federal government worker. After they were devastated by the news of the fatal collision, the Ramaekers’ nine children and 28 grandchildren then learned that the Bureau of Indian Affairs had helped this alcoholic employee keep his driver’s license and gave him a government vehicle to drive, despite a history of nine drunk driving arrests. The Ramaekers’ family filed suit and took their case through a public trial to make citizens aware that the government was enabling drunk drivers.

The family won their case and the BIA has now changed its motor vehicle policy to make highways safer. Not only did this family’s courage to fight the federal government result in safer government policies, but it helped spread the word to private and public employers alike that employers cannot turn a blind eye to employees who have a drinking problem.

H.C., As Personal Representative Of The Estate Of A.C. (A Deceased Minor) V. Bus Company

A local school district and a bus company put an untrained “passenger-assistant” in the driver’s seat of a school bus and the predictable happened: The inexperienced “passenger-assistant” violated the safety rule to never back up a bus at a school loading zone and killed two children. The bus was not equipped with safety warning devices (back up lights and beepers), which were at this time standard on all school buses around the country.

The case settled for a confidential sum, but included in our client’s offer of settlement was a request that a back-up warning be mandatory on all school buses. The school district made this change, and all bus contractors are now required to utilize school buses equipped with back-up warning alarms.