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Holding Dangerous Trucking Companies Accountable

Large trucks pose an especially dangerous and potentially deadly risk to the community — especially when trucking companies cut corners on truck maintenance, training and enforcement of safety rules.

At McGinn, Montoya, Love & Curry. P.A. (MMLC), we know the rules and standards that trucking companies are required to follow. We know how to hold trucking companies accountable when dangerous trucking practices cause catastrophic harm on New Mexico highways.

We are experienced trucking accident attorneys. If you or someone you love has been harmed in a truck-related accident, please contact us for a free evaluation of your potential case.

Zamora (For Jordan) v. Sunland Construction Inc., Et Al., New Mexico First Judicial District Court, D-101-CV-2014-02203

When large trucks take to the road — they have an affirmative responsibility to not create hazards on the roadway. The companies that send large trucks onto the road, have a duty to plan ahead to avoid all risks to other travelers.

On September 3, 2013, a Sunland Construction Inc. truck traveling north in 70 mph highway traffic attempted a sharp right hand turn onto a small dirt access road. In order to accomplish this ill-advised turn, the driver swung wide into the left lane, suddenly blocking both lanes of traffic, and leaving motorists behind the truck with nowhere to go. If the truck had simply approached the turn-off road from the other direction, he would have been able to safely utilize a turn bay, rather than create the road-block/death trap that ensued.

Marc Jordon, traveling at the speed limit, pressed his brakes, but was not able to stop in time. His sedan impacted the back of the truck’s trailer along the center line of the highway — further evidencing that the truck was blocking both lanes. Other vehicles behind Mr. Jordan had to drive into the median and toward oncoming southbound traffic to avoid the same fate. Mr. Jordan died at the scene, which was a great loss to his wife, their family and many grandchildren.

Despite challenges to the case created by a failure of law enforcement to obtain names of all witnesses to the crash, a thorough investigation and aggressive prosecution of the claims ultimately led to successful resolution of the lawsuit.

Martinez V. M&M And Sons, Et Al., U.S. District Ct., New Mexico, No. 1:12-cv-00811 (MCA/CG)

Multiton large truck-trailers have an obligation to be especially careful when transitioning from highway off-ramps into city traffic.

On February 1, 2012, M&M and Sons driver violated this rule, and while Jose Martinez was lawfully traveling northbound on 2nd St. NW, the M&M driver ran a red light and crashed into Mr. Martinez’s vehicle.

Mr. Martinez was lucky to escape with his life, but experienced severe injuries, including a broken neck that required fusion with metal hardware.

Oftentimes, defendants won’t consider resolving a case until it is clear that the attorneys for the injured party have what it takes to go to trial. Following expeditious prosecution of Mr. Martinez’s claims, in the several weeks before a jury was selected, the case was successfully resolved.