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What should you say to your insurance provider after a car crash?

A recent accident while driving along New Mexico’s roads left you rattled, and now you must file a claim with your auto insurance provider. Do you know what you should and should not say? 

USA Today offers tips for speaking with your agent after an auto incident. Learn how to protect your claim and receive fair compensation. 

See a doctor

“I received medical attention,” is a sentence you should say to your insurance company. A physician helps you measure the extent of any injuries you suffered in the crash, even if you feel fine in the days and weeks following the accident. If you do not have evidence to back claims of physical injury, your insurance provider may dismiss your statements. 

Do not blame

No matter how obvious it may seem that you or the other driver caused the accident, do not place blame during conversations with your claims adjuster. Unknown factors may contribute to auto crashes, and you may not have the knowledge or resources necessary to uncover those factors. Insurance agents do, so leave the guessing to the professionals. 

Do not say more than you know

Sometimes, car collisions happen in a handful of frantic seconds, making it difficult to know up from down. If your insurance agent asks you a question that you do not have the answer to, say that you do not recall or that you do not know. Further, do not volunteer more information than necessary. You do not want to risk increasing your rates because you thought you were helping your claim. 

Do not think that your insurance provider is on your side. Your words may either hurt or help you on the road to recovery.