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Will your relationships change after a TBI?

Suffering a traumatic brain injury could have a lasting impact on your life and prevent you from living how you once did. Managing your injuries and learning new skills will take time, patience and determination. 

One of the parts of your life that may change are your relationships. Changes to your ability to communicate, reason and comprehend could create new challenges. 

A shift in responsibilities

During the weeks and months immediately following your accident, your primary focus is to heal. According to the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, this will mean an increase in responsibility for your partner, family members and friends. Those close to you may need to take over or facilitate important decisions regarding your finances and career. 

Learning to care for your newfound needs will bring a learning curve for you and your caretakers. This shift in responsibility could increase tension, uncertainty and stress in your relationships. 

Professional support and education

As you relearn how to communicate, you may notice differences in your ability to socialize and communicate with those close to you. Feelings of confusion or frustration because you cannot communicate as effectively as before could cause discouragement and depression. Relying on professional guidance and support may enable you to effectively maintain relationships close to you by introducing you to new ways to communicate. 

Seek education about your condition and encourage your family members to participate so everyone can gain a better understanding of what to expect throughout your recovery. Involve your family members in helping you set goals for your future and celebrate your milestones along the way.